Jayant Rohila

Creator of CodeThread
Web Developer

Hi, I'm Jayant Rohila

My name is Jayant Rohila. I'm 23 and a student who is pursuing CSE Degree lives in India. I love Coding and I’m currently working on Websites, Themes & WebApps. When I'm not coding, I'm a photographer guy who also loves to listen to lots of songs.

I primarily work with

  • NextJs, Js/Ts, Markdown, NPM/NodeJs
  • HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind, Material-UI
  • Netlify, Vercel, Firebase, & Heroku's Hosting
  • REST APIs, PWA, Next-Auth & Stripe
  • Configs, Github Actions, VS Code I believe in implementing the knowledge which I have practice by making Projects that help in predicting skills of a person. So let's have a look at my project section.


All present in Repositories.

Project NameDescription
Stats On SpotifyAn Easy Approach To Review Your Spotify Data. Made using Next-js, Next-Auth, Next-pwa, Tailwind CSS, Spotify API, hosted on Vercel.
CodeThreadCodeThread is blogging site, Made With Nextjs, Tailwind CSS, GitHub-Template and blog made with Markdown Hosted on Vercel.
VoltSecThe™ is solution for pinpoint vulnerabilities on web. Made With Nextjs, Tailwind CSS, AOS, Hosted on Vercel.
Ancient OSA Custom Rom Based On AOSP (Android Open Source Project), This website made using Next.js, Material-ui, Animation AOS, Hosting Netlify.
Star PatternsStar Patterns for Learning purpose. Contribute any types Pattern it here. Made With R Editor, Markdown, Bootstrap Theme Hosted on Netlify.
CodeThread Black ThemeAn extension for vscode theme to install go to VS Marketplace. Click on the "Install" button. Made With Json.
NotesNotes is a simple note taking App. Notes save on cloud securely and are accessible anywhere. made with Next-js, Next-pwa, Tailwind CSS, hosted on Vercel.